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You can easily know who the caller is

Due to the several classifying parameters in our system a number profile will develop in order to be able to judge the reliability/respectability of the respective telephone number

Find out the name and address of who called you or see what other people are saying about that number

How do you spent your spare time? Do you enjoy it relaxed and undisturbed? No? You say the rings of unsolicited calls hammer perpetually against your ear drums and you wonder: You is calling? Thousands of people suffer the same fate

toakam.info wants to contribute a tool to fight spam and scam calls


Identify callers by means of the phone number search in the UK,find out who called you, view shared coomments of numbers and report dubios promotional calls telephone harrassment

Huge amounts of data are entered into toakam.info sites worldwide each day - further comments on existing numbers as well as entirely new number profiles from first-time searches - all thanks to our users